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The most on-point cocktail bar Swansea has ever seen. And what makes us diffrent? Our amazingly fun Adult Ball Pits. From our unique cocktails to our ever-changing list of local spirits, we have everything you need to have a great night out. But note, we're only open until 11pm so don't forget to come out early. We’re dedicated to making sure your time with us is unlike anything else you’ve experienced. Our professional crew behind the bar has carefully curated a list of exciting, new cocktails that leave your mouth buzzing with layers of flavor. Our food which inclues around the world tapas, pizza, chicken, vegan and hip hop dishes will want you leaving more. We have a VIP room and ball pit along with ORB's main ball Pit. You can also hire inflatables!! With all this amazingness going on under the same roof, it doesn't stop there. We have a sound proof karaoke booth for up to 10 people to enjoy in the same room. Don’t believe us? Come on by and see for yourself.

orb Bars
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